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Amity Price
33 designs

Born in Annapolis, Maryland and attended Savannah College or Art and Design with a BFA in Advertising Design. Amity creates designs and loves to put together different images to create collages to keep up the latest trends and looks!

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Katarzyna Stróżyńska Goraj
16 designs

Katarzyna Stróżyńska-Goraj is a UK based illustrator and print graphic designer, who draws inspiration from the surrounding nature. She uses watercolors because according to her, this best reflects the subtlety of nature.

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Isabelle Vandeplassche
19 designs

Isabelle is a freelance illustrator from Belgium. She mostly paints with watercolors. Her illustrations remind of dreams. The kind of dreams you are sad to have woken up from. She is inspired by nature and traveling. You can find her work under the name "belliesartboutique" on Instagram and Facebook.

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Paul Fuentes
25 designs

Paul Fuentes is a surrealist artist who makes funny creations with everyday objects into surreal, and colorful compositions. He uses animals, food and objects with a contemporary perspective and pastel-coloured backgrounds that give life to his minimal depictions of modern pop designs.

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Style Collective
2 designs

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4 designs

Designs made by Amy Marietta.

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Froilein Juno
73 designs

A globetrotting designer. Froilein Juno loves the interplay between colours, contrasts, shapes, textures and type. The North Rhine-Westphalia-based artist combines a variety of techniques to blur the boundaries between photography and graphic design. A passionate globetrotter, Froilein Juno’s colourful animal portraits, plant still lifes and abstract landscapes are inspired by the impressions she gathers on her journeys.

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Fotini Tikkou
18 designs

Fotini Tikkou is an illustrator from Greece, currently based in Copenhagen. Her illustrations range from cute to weird. She loves creating colourful images of animals, flowers and curvy ladies.

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Anna Grundberg
8 designs

Anna Grundberg is an illustrator from the High Coast, Sweden. Anna loves pure expressions and creates fast illustrations with a lot of feeling. She usually illustrates with pencils but also with brush and ink or watercolor.

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Conrad Roset
5 designs

Conrad Roset was born in 1984 and he spent the first part of his life in a small city close to Barcelona. Drawing has been his passion and a constant feature in his life, since he played with his brother at drawing all the things they liked when he was a child, until nowadays. He received his formation first at the Joso School and then at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Thanks to the spreading of his illustrations through the Internet, he started working for the fashion brand Zara. A year later, he launched himself as a freelance illustrator, and since then he works for different international brands, advertising agencies, and publishing companies. For the publishing industry, he has published two illustration books for children and he has also done some book covers and punctual illustrations for important publishing houses like Penguin Random House. Conrad has always combined his work as an illustrator with the development of some different artistic and personal projects. During the last five years he has exhibited his work in galleries and museums, such as the MoMA in Virginia, Spoke Art in San Francisco, London Miles and Show Studio in London, Steven Kasher Gallery in New York, TiposInfames in Madrid, and Artevistas and Miscelanea in Barcelona. In relation to the pedagogic field, he is a professor of illustration at the School of Design BAU and at the Academy of Art Barcelona. He occasionally teaches workshops in schools and galleries and he has also collaborate with de Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. The Muses are Conrad Roset’s most personal project as well as his work most renowned and widespread, the work that has marked and defined him the most as an artist. The Muses started in 2009 as sketches from life, stolen moments, intimate life caught unawares. The intimacy transmitted by these mysterious women who talk to us from their canvasses and pages is nothing but the same intimacy that the author puts in his work. Their self-controlled sensualities and their broken beauties exude expressivity and refer us to Conrad Roset’s referent, Egon Schiele. Faithful to their origin as pieces of art work, the Muses project constitute, above all, a double exploration: of the female body, its mystery and fascination, and at the same time, of the artist himself, his imaginary and his language in constant metamorphosis. Because Conrad Roset has been outlining his style on bodies of women, following his will to experiment and his wish for self-discovery, using different materials as base and also a diversity of drawing techniques. Little by little, lines are redefined until just the essential remains, and that is the most important thing that we can see in the latest personal projects of Conrad Roset.

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Matilda Svensson
8 designs

Matilda Svensson is a Malmö - based freelance designer with a passion for patterns and illustrations. Inspired by nature Matilda produces unique and personal products for those who want some color in their life.

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11 designs

Mukta is an artist and a fashion designer currently based in the Greater Washington DC area, USA. She has several years of experience working with major designers and brands in India. Since moving to the US, she's been working as a freelance graphic designer. She's always been very passionate about painting and creating colorful illustrations. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves to travel and explore new places, experience new cultures and meet new people.

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Adelina Lirius
3 designs

Adelina Lirius works as an illustrator, she is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her collections are playful and colourful. She loves spending time in her studio sketching on different ideas and stories. But she also enjoys traveling from time to time, that is where she gets most of her inspiration and ideas from.

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Frida Clerhage
8 designs

Frida Clerhage is an illustrator, poster maker and designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden who is always drawing something. She has a soft spot for colorful patterns, retro looks, details, graphite and ink. She makes illustrations and graphic design in all different kinds of shapes and forms inspired by plants, animals, and her everyday life.

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9 designs

A German Designer and Artist educated in Sweden with a BSc in Product Development and Graphic Design. Nora is inspired by natural materials and patterns and loves to create graphic style prints with bold colours.

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The Optimist
26 designs

The Optimist is a place of happiness, inspiration, love, and empowerment all wrapped together. My art is very colorful, bright and happy, I soak inspiration from pop art and street art with a modern and minimalist touch. The subject of my art inspired by my life, places I've been, music that I listen to and the things that make me smile (: The Optimist managed by Natalie, an illustrator, and designer from Israel.

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